Drive Golf USA

Drive Golf was founded by Michael and Brian Potempa, twin brothers from Freeport, Illinois who share both an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for product innovation.

At Drive Golf, our mission is simple; we strive to improve your game. Our drive to innovate the golf market lies in our simple desire to improve your game, both on the course and in business. Through creative innovation and advanced engineering, we are proudly able to offer our customers a line of products designed to do exactly that. Our company was founded on the core principle that advanced engineering and understanding of the consumers' needs can and has had a positive effect on the consumers’ game and the products we create. In short, we are here to improve your game. We stand by that promise.

Drive Golf is always developing new and exciting ideas, technologies, materials, production techniques, and innovations to improve your game on and off the golf course. Our drive to utilize top engineering and design talents and listen to our customers’ ideas and feedback has helped our team to design, engineer, and deliver golf products that improve your game, AND deliver superior performance and drive sales and business growth for companies around the world.

Unparalleled Products

Drive Golf Promotional case and tees.
Great for:
Self promotion, business promotion, special events, fundraisers, corporate outings, client gifts, direct sales. (Create instant networking opportunities)(Like no other networking product available. Simply place your business card on the front and give it to your client and close your next big deal!